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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fairy Sprite

My dear friend Cheryl has the most fantastic back yard. Some things you should know about Cheryl---she is an author with a gift for writing Western Historicals, she is a collector of vintage and antique things; and because she collects things, her yard has lots of vintage and antique things sitting around making it look like a slice of days gone by. Cheryl (with the help of Mr. Jay) has a multitude of wild flowers growing and wonderful colors all over the yard. Below is a Cardinal in an antique bird bath.

To see any of these photos better, click on the photo and it will open up to full size. Make sure you tell Sean he did a great job of taking photos for me!!!

So why were we at Cheryl's house?? Well, at Rebekah's birthday, the idea was tossed out that her beautiful dress should be showcased somehow. The idea of bare feet in a garden was mentioned and everyone loved the idea. Since then, we've been scouting out parks and flower beds where we could sneak some photos. Only problem--Rebekah thinks all flowers are for picking and chooses not to hear "no" on this subject. Hmmm--picking flowers in the public parks...that is sort of frowned upon and is a little bit against the law.

Then we remembered Cheryl's beautiful yard. She's a bama (grandma) and would forgive Rebekah if a few flowers were picked. We asked and she graciously agreed. Her DH Jay spent the weekend making the yard beautiful and we took advantage of a slightly cool evening to take over their house and yard.

I wish we could have posed Rebekah by more of the 'things' placed around the yard. Rebekah put herself in charge of the photo shoot. The mission was to run as fast as she could away from the camera while yelling cheese. It was a game of catch me if you can. It only took a couple hours and over 100 shots, but I hope you agree that some of these are priceless.

After a few rounds of Peek a Boo, our princess was tired and resting on Mom. Love those cuddles!!

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1 comment:

Sher said...

Those pictures are so awesome. Something you will all cherish for years to come.

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