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Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're on our way to the Championship Game

What an awesome game last night...and I hear the CWS game (Fresno State) wasn't too bad either. In our baseball semi-finals game, both teams ended the first inning with three up three down. In the top of the second, we were three up, three down. Their team scored 1 in the bottom of the inning.

Third inning--base hits for both teams, no runs scored.

Top of the fourth, we ended up playing our limit of nine batters and scored 7 runs. Now the score is 8-1. Bottom of the fourth, we managed to hold them to one run--8-2.

Top of the fifth, we played all nine of our batters again and scored 6 runs. Now 14-2. Bottom of the fifth, they started their comeback. By the end of the inning, it's 14-7.

Top of the sixth (last inning in our league) and the held us to one base hit. Still 14-7. The boys didn't know the score. We wouldn't tell them so they wouldn't get lazy. Coach tells them to play each inning to win so they were worried that they could lose. Out in the stands, we parents are going through the numbers, since they can only have 9 bat, if we get 2 outs--we will win.

The first out comes early, then we walk one. He steals 2nd & 3rd. Another base hit, but we hold the kid at 3rd. Managed to strike out another one and the parents all know we've won--but the kids don't. Next batter up goes down swinging and with a loud roar, the kids come running in knowing they will play for the championship on Friday.

The very best part was in the madness, coach high fived them coming in and then said in a loud, stern voice, "OK kids, even though we won, there's no excuse for poor sportsmanship. Get lined up quickly to shake hands with the other team. They played hard and deserve our respect." So our kids got lined up and were ready before the other team to tell them "Good Game." I'm so glad to have a coach teaching them sportsmanship and respect!!!

I'm glad it will be over Friday night--these nail-biters are exhausting for me to watch. Hmm--bet it's tiring for the kids, too.

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