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Monday, June 23, 2008

How's the weather?

I don't know about you, but the weather here is currently HOT. And it's HUMID. And it's getting HOTTER each day. However, the beauty of it all is that you never know if we'll have snow one day and sun the next. Rain or tornadoes. Here are a few photos of one of our Tornado nights in the basement.
Andrew tries to sleep because he was in the middle of a ball game when the game was called on account of a tornado on its way. (Good choice to call the game!)
Rebekah doesn't have any idea why we're all in the basement, but it must be to entertain and play with her. She also is fixated on the rock outside of the basement sliding glass door and wants to go get it--even though it's a monsoon out there. She is eventually distracted by the wipes (that she's supposed to stay out of). She gets one out and begins to clean everything.

Nathan is happy to play anywhere, anytime. He understands that it's 'bad weather' and we have to go to the basement, but there are no worries from him. As the night goes on and on and on and on, he gets more and more wired trying to keep pushing past his bedtime.

Eventually, he gets out from underneath the table and decides to play in his PBS Sprout Let's Go Show Mobile that he made months ago (aka: cardboard box automobile). In the first photo, he can't look at me because he's DRIVING---hello Mom, don't you get safety? In the second photo, he's pretending to crash around a corner.

Here's a video Sean took of the clouds. They are moving in a counter-clockwise spiral motion. This is right above our house. Not sure it shows well on the video, but it is an awesome force of nature to watch. There were no funnels by us and not enough rotation to spawn one, but still an impressive thing to see.


Sher said...

It has been a very weird, wet summer so far!!!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh...I have been checking out your blog ever since we met up at the Mark Schultz concert in West Des Moines to keep up with your family. Much to my surprise I see the little ride on toy that Amy and I got for Andrew's first birthday with the Taco Bell saying still on it. I had to click on it and blow it up to be sure. Brought a smile to my heart! What memories.

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