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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Semi-Finals, Here We Come!!

Monday was an exciting night at our house. Andrew's baseball team had to finish their rained out game. They are in the playoff tournament for their league. At the end of the 2nd inning last week, they were down 5-4.

Monday they finished the game and it was three up, three down, three up, three down. They play 6 innings total for a game.

In the top of the 6th, they got a base hit to first base. He stole 2nd & 3rd. Then they walked one (who stole second) and walked another to have the bases loaded. We had a single for the tie. With bases loaded, their team walked one, but then (to prove we could have done it on our own), one boy hit a double and ran in two more runs. We held them to two hits in the bottom of the sixth to win the game 8-4.

Tonight is the semi-finals. If they win, they will play in the championship game on Friday. We're so excited for their team. What an honor to make it this far. On Monday, Andrew ended up foul tipping twice and got a strike for the out. I did get one of the fouls on video.

Here is a picture of Andrew at bat and one of his team. They have adopted Andrew's "Rally Cap" theory. He started this earlier in the season (like he does at the minor league ball games here) with his team. You turn your baseball hat inside out and wear it that way for the "Rally Cap." When he was coming up to bat, I saw all these kids turning their caps to Rally Caps. I thought he was in the dugout and almost missed his first swing. I guess he's a trend-setter and we didn't know it.

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