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Friday, June 27, 2008

Birthday Bonanza Rides Again

June is a very busy month in our family!!! Sean, Rebekah and I all have birthdays (as does Sean's dad) plus our anniversary happens this month. I forgot the camera at my birthday celebration (Chili's), but we went back to Chili's for Sean's birthday and I did get pictures then.

Rebekah had her birthday party last weekend and we surprised Sean with a double birthday party like we had last year.

I bought a fairy dress for her to wear. Isn't she sweet?!? Too bad that "two" attitude has kicked in. (tee hee) She loved every present. She loves to rip wrapping paper and open presents. She got a tea set, a "George" monkey blanket, LOTS of clothes (woo hoo), a doll that talks and has a binky and her very own Dora Bike.
This little piggy...

Here's a video of her riding the bike through the house. She looks like a fairy motorcycle mama! (Her father had tied her new stuffed Curious George into the sash of her dress.)

Daddy got a "39 Again" crown to wear and I loaned Rebekah my personal tiara (long story--I won it). She liked wearing it upside down like a headband. Here they are with their crowns/tiaras and cake.

Then Rebekah insisted on TRADING crowns/tiaras. Daddy is a good sport and let her do it. (Have I mentioned how spoiled that girl is?? Although our doctor says she isn't spoiled, she's well loved.) Sean fed Rebekah some frosting from his finger. Then he let her swipe some to feed to him---but every time she'd get ALMOST to his mouth, she'd stick her finger back in her own mouth to eat it. (Smart kid.)

Here she is eating cake with great abandon--and no thoughts of waistline, pounds or figures. Ah, she gets that from MY side of the family.

1 comment:

Cheryl St.John said...

Abandon is right. Maybe if I ate cake naked, I wouldn't eat as much!

(We had chocolate cake with rhubarb sace tonight.)

Hope you have electricty soon!

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