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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nathan's Diner

I'm behind in posting so this event actually happened over a week ago.

Nathan was up before everyone and decided to open Nathan's Diner for the breakfast crunch. He worked hard to pick foods we would like. He even made place cards for us at the table. Then everyone had to wait to eat together. Wouldn't you know, this is the first Saturday in years that I slept in (after being up from 2-6 with Rebekah and then not being able to get back to sleep). So I was pushing 9am when I finally got up. Poor Sean was starving. This picture Nathan took of us before we ate.

Our menu:

Andrew got to have a Blueberry Controller (Cereal Bar) and Apple.

Sean got to have "Swiss Cheese Super Strength". (Cheese is good for building strong bones and healthy bodies and Daddy loves Swiss cheese.)

I got to have Summer Sausage. You know, the stuff you serve with cheese and crackers for parties. Sean mentioned he hoped my tummy was feeling better before I saw it. I ate every bite that my beautiful son prepared for me. Poor child was trying to cut it with a butter knife (he's not allowed to use sharp knives). He wanted to do everything by himself and he was working so hard at it. Sean finally convinced Nathan that a little help is ok.

Here's a very proud Nathan jumping off his joy on the trampoline. He loves to have a diner and feed the masses. (He inherits that from his mother, grandmoms and great-grandmoms. We never want anyone to leave our homes hungry.)

Oh, just so you know, I did follow up my breakfast with a little Tums for dessert.

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