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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Awana Games

Realized I never blogged about the Awana Games. The boys attend Awanas (Approved Workermen Are Not Ashamed) on Wed. nights. Nathan has been cruising through his book at a fast pace. He's really good at memorizing his verses. Andrew has chosen to make this year mostly a social year at Awanas. He memorizes very few verses, but has a blast.

The Awana Games is a competition between the different Awana groups in town. Each week, there is game time at Awanas. They use some of these games (changes each year) for an olympic-style competition. Nathan's Sparks team came in 2nd place and Andrew's T&T team came in 4th. They both had a great time.

They were at the opposite end of the gym from where the seating was, so my pictures are far away and blurry. Nathan is one of the red blurs and Andrew is a yellow blur.

Here is a movie of Andrew in the four-way tug-of-war. I snuck down onto the floor (illegally) and managed to get a little video. Shhh---don't tell on me or they might toss me out of the games.

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