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Friday, March 21, 2008

More Shower Tales

One night this week, Rebekah just wouldn't settle down and go to sleep. After a LONG while, both mom and dad are finished with the day and want to go to bed. Yet, here is Miss Rebekah, still running around and refusing to go to sleep.
We decide to try the last ditch effort and see if she'll fall asleep laying with us in our bed. (After breaking this habit months ago, you know we were desperate.) Sean lays down with her in our bed and I start to get my PJ's on. As I undress, she pops up, slides out of the bed and starts unzipping her PJ's while saying something over and over.
When we figure out what she's saying, the two of us are laughing so hard we can't speak. As I was getting undressed, she starts saying, "Shower, shower, shower" (in Rebekah speak this is "Zsha zah") and tries to strip down herself. I guess mommy putting on her PJ's is equivalent to mommy getting ready to take a shower. And when you don't want to sleep, it's a great idea to take a shower at 11pm.
Once I was dressed for bed and we all lay down together, she finally collapsed and went to her own bed for the night. However, she is still convinced she needs a twice daily shower so every time I get dressed or undressed, I have to hide so she won't try to undress for a "Zsha zah".

1 comment:

Cheryl St.John said...

The plus side: She likes to be clean. LOL

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