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Sunday, March 09, 2008

House Prayers Requested

Quick update on the house situation. We had an offer weeks ago for a person wanting a lease/option (basically a rent-to-own if you've never heard of this). Negotiations ensued and last week we completed the contract for this buyer to look over. Unfortunately, his expectation for the "tenant is to pay for all upkeep and repair" and our reality did not collide. He planned to pay for the expenses and deduct from his payment. We are working on a way to resolve this situation as the bottom line is he wants us to put a new roof on (even though it is not leaking--it's just older).

We received a second lease/option offer last night. It is a better price, better terms (ie: they understand house sold 'as is' and they pay for repairs). The issues with this offer are lower option deposit (which is essentially our damage deposit) and their agent wants half of his commission now and half in two years when we close. We've countered and hope to hear something back tomorrow night.

We also informed our first lease/option person that there is a new offer for better price and terms to see if he wants to counter.

Additionally, it appears that our agent's broker may have a purchase offer for us tomorrow or Tuesday.

Please pray with us! God has worked on my heart this past week and my current prayer is for God to provide the proper buyer NOW, at this time. We want to see His will done in this situation and we are asking for clear direction and wisdom to follow His will. Finally, we want to praise God for bringing us this far. We know God is faithful to those who tithe and He is proving that to us. He is a good God!!!

1 comment:

Sher said...

This has been such a roller coaster for you guys. Praying that the ride will end soon!!!

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