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Friday, March 14, 2008

Another House Update

It's been a wild week, yet we still are waiting. We are still waiting to hear back from our second lease/offer people. They keep wanting a night to sleep on it. The buyer our agent's broker had changed their mind when they realized the house is on the main street of the subdivision. The other possible buyers had their bid accepted on their first choice house. We also had "U-haul guy" wanting to move in.

Our agent gets a call from a man in the driveway saying he's divorced and needs to find a place to live. He has all his possessions in the U-haul he's towing and wants to know what kind of a check it takes to move in today. Since we have that house staged, there's no way to move in today. We have to get our things out first. So our agent took him over to show him the house. We felt all along he was looking to rent not lease/option. By evening, they were talking about reconciling and so he was changing his mind.

So we still wait. While we pray for God to move NOW, we really want to see His will done. Hopefully, the second lease/option buyers will make up their mind one way or the other so we know if we should move forward with our first offer or not. Your prayers are still appreciated.

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