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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mark Shultz Concert

We were able to take a little road trip and go see our favorite Christian artist, Mark Shultz. Nothing like driving a couple hours to see a concert, then driving home while the kids sleep and sending them to school the next day. We decided it wasn't the best parenting move for education, but what an awesome life experience for our kids. Since we ordered our tickets so early (we had our money to the gal before they went on sale), we got special Meet & Greet passes for after the concert.

Here's some photos of our fun!

Before leaving the concert, we had the kids change into PJ's in the car. Then we set them up so they could sleep on the drive home. Here they are before we left:

And here is after:

1 comment:

Sher said...

I'm sure they are no worse for the wear. And you are right, what a great life experience for them.

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