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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beg Your Pardon

Nathan has always been a soft-spoken child. Most of us never hear what he's trying to tell us. He also has a penchant for wandering his tale around in endless circles before reaching the point. Since he started Kindergarten, we've noticed a vast improvement in his speaking voice. Most of the time, he speaks up so you can hear him. His teacher's asst. told us that he's learning to speak up in the lunch line or he'll be stuck eating things he doesn't want. Apparently, on Ravioli day, when they asked if he wanted Ravioli or the sandwich, he answered in a LOUD voice, "I want THREE RAVIOLI'S PLEASE!!!!" He got only three.

It's a far cry from the day he was at Poppa & Grandma's this summer and Poppa couldn't hear what he was saying. Poppa kept saying, "Beg your pardon?" Finally, Nathan went to Grandma and asked why Poppa kept saying beg your pardon. She explained that it's a phrase you can say if you don't hear what the person said to you. It's a nice way to tell someone that they couldn't hear you.

Nathan thought about this and deduced, "So when Matthew West sings the song I Can't Hear You, he's really saying, 'Beg your pardon' to God."

If you'd like to hear the song, you can watch a music video of it (created by summer campers) by clicking HERE

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Nathan's thinking about Mathhew West!!! Gotta love um. God bless children.

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