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Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Day of Rest?

Welcome to Sunday, a day of rest. Well, isn't it supposed to be a day of rest?? I often wonder this as I rush to get ready for church, rush to get the kids dessed and fed before I leave for Praise & Worship Team pracitce. Then I rush to church while Sean finishes the morning preparations. When the family arrives, I rush to help check in all the kids and rush back to make sure I'm ready to go on time. No wonder I sometimes find it hard to feel that 'peace that passes understanding.'

With all that rushing, where is the rest? A few tricks I've learned along the way include laying out all clothes (even mine) the night before right down to socks and shoes. I prepack the diaper bag with everything needed (except bottles) and put a BIG note on it that says, PACK A BOTTLE SUN. MORNING!!! I've learned to set out the cereal bars the night before and have Rebekah's jar of baby food on the counter ready to go.

Most of all, I've learned to take a deep breath as I start my car and offer up a prayer to the One I'm hoping to serve. Lord, help me to leave the 'rush' behind so I can feel calm and peaceful. Help me to turn my back on the cares of the world and focus 100% of my energy into telling you, singing to you and showing you the love I have for you.

You know what? God is faithful. I'm able to step into the oasis He provides and find myself refreshed by His word and the message. And if the cares try to creep in, I take another deep breath and say, "Sorry God, I slipped. Forgive me and keep helping me here."

So as you find yourself in the rushing around trap. Stop! Take a deep breath. Remember Him who provides that perfect peace. And if you slip up, He's so gracious as to give us a do-over. Gotta love that!

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