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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Caught Red-Handed

Ever realize that it is Way Too Quiet???? Well, the other morning as we were getting ready to leave for school, the boys were watching TV and I was trying to finish dressing Rebekah. I noticed Nathan was playing with the pile of cloth diapers (whole 'nother blog there--suffice it to say, I use the diaper service). Didn't really think anything of it and went on with my morning.

As I started the roll-call (or scream-call if you ask the kids), I'm yelling, "Nathan, Come Downstairs...It's time to GO!!!!" He was so quiet, I thought he was upstairs on the computer. He answers from the kitchen, "I'm here Mommy."

From there the conversation becomes something like:
Mommy: What are you doing?
Nathan: (No response.)
I look and he's taken a blue highlighter (he thinks it's a marker for grown ups like a sharpie) and colored all over a diaper.

Must decide quickly between laughter and discipline. Choose moderated discipline for this offense.
Mommy: Do you have a diaper?
No slouch in brains, Nathan responds: I don't know.
M: Please tell me you aren't coloring on a diaper that is not even ours. It belongs to the service and we just borrow from them?!?
N: Ummm... (tries to hide diaper)
M: What are we supposed to color on?
Nathan: Paper.
M: Is this paper?
N: I didn't mean to--I'm sorry. (runs to me, grabs my legs and says) I love you.
M: I love you too, but we don't color on diapers.
N: Bursts into tears and cries almost the whole way to school.

I have to remind him several times that he's not in that much trouble. The next day, I find the diaper where it had been tossed and looked at it. I asked him to explain his drawing. It's really rather good. He's using a combination of writing styles here. His kindergarten teacher has told the class that there is "Kindergarten writing" composed of pictures/letters as symbols/etc. and "Big People writing" which is how we write. Typically, he tries to write in Big People writing, but I think a diaper is a harder medium to work with.

The top face is sad because he's a villain. He is mean and makes the people sad.
"BB" is Blue Boy---a Superhero
IS = the word is
H = the word Here
So it says, "Blue Boy is here."
Blue Boy comes to save the day and defeats the mean villain. Everyone is so happy (happy face) because Blue Boy has saved the day.

Gotta admit, it's really cute...naughty, but cute.

1 comment:

Cheryl St.John said...

Hilarious. I have three writer friends with little ones who have discussed kids writing on things and getting in the trash, so I just sent them a link to your blog.

When my granddaughter Erin was little she markered all over their sofa with permanent marker.


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