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Saturday, September 29, 2007

When did I become a soccer mom?

Does it happen a little at a time, or does the mind just snap one day and you find yourself doing it. I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm a soccer mom.

You know what I mean. I'm driving a mini-van (OK--got one of those several years before kids) and I love it! I take my kids to school, lessons and...Soccer Games. However, a soccer game doesn't make you a soccer mom. I've become the screaming lunatic on the sidelines trying to motivate my child with my voice. In my defense, I only yell positive things at all the kids. One dad especially liked my, "Nice try!" to a child who so obviously missed a kick that it was sad. So I sit with the other soccer moms and we yell out encouragement. We cheer when our team scores and give the polite golf clap and a "good shot" to the other team when they score.

We sit huddled together in rain, cold and even a few snowflakes from time to time. Now this year, we've sat not huddled together trying to spread apart and find any scrap of shade in the blistering heat. So that's where you'll find me today---I'll be in the sling chair on the sidelines. I'm the one yelling, "Way to go Andrew....Keep hustling, Andrew...Nice kick buddy."
I now have a "soccer baby" who sits in the stroller and cheers.

Yup, I'm a soccer mom.

1 comment:

Cheryl St.John said...

Nice to meet you. I'm a soccer Gramma. :::snort:::

For some reason I find myself yelling, YEAH, GO! GO! GO! a lot, and I've learned the others girls names on the team, too -- how can you not, with all the screaming on either side of you? -- so I cheer for them, too.

Got my own sling chair, thankyouverymuch

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