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Friday, September 28, 2007

Life is Crazy Sometimes

OK, let's face it. Life is sometimes really crazy. I guess you have to decide if you can laugh along with life or if you're going to let it nail you down. I've decided there's nothing I can do but laugh.

Let's bring everyone up to speed on "Thursday" (that was only yesterday). Got up in the morning, got kids ready for school and Sean took them because he went on Andrew's Field Trip to the River City Roundup celebration. They have a school day where there is a petting zoo, an exhibit of native Nebraska snakes and a skit. My boys had fun and Sean said the fourth graders did well on the bus with their behavior.

Robyn & Rebekah went to MOPS. I was helping in the 4/5 room. Afterwards, I was rejoicing because Rebekah stayed in her room the WHOLE time! No stroller time in the hall, she even got off the teacher's lap and she played with her baby doll. Hallelujah! (My girlfriend was taking pics for our MOPS website and caught the photo on the left of Rebekah in the nursery.)

As I was celebrating with friends in the hall before we left, the fire alarm went off. Well, gotta treat them like they are real and this was Not a drill. Thankfully, there were only a handful of moms and kids left--and the kids were with their moms, not still in classes. We evacuated and verified the building was cleared and secured. We got to see the fire truck come---and go. No fire---an alarm was pulled upstairs by one of the exits the MOPS moms and kids use. Hmmm---thankfully, I was downstairs holding my kid so I know she didn't pull the alarm. Sheer craziness.

In the meantime, Sean & I haven't heard a thing from our real estate agent. No calls, no emails. We had a showing on Wed. night at 7pm. (After we spent the day cleaning up paint supplies, vacuuming new carpet fuzzies and putting down a new bathroom floor.) See yesterday's post for more on that. We knew they were to make a decision Thurs. morning. Nothing all day long. We finally got a call from our agent around 5:15 to say they were waffling. They weren't sure about the older stove in the kitchen and they were worried about how to afford appliances. They have never owned a home before so need washer/dryer, refrigerator and they'd like a new stove. They were getting cold feet and talking about getting an apartment for them and their children to live in.

Sean & I called her back to offer some creative ways for us to get the full asking price and still get them appliances. She was surprised at our willingness to get creative. (Little does she know about our homes and how 'creative' we were in our offers to get what we needed.) She spoke to their agent and they are thinking about what they are going to do. We're optimistic about this because we appear to be their #1 or 2 choice and we're the ones stepping in to give both seller and buyer the best deal possible.

So we wait---and pray. And ask you to pray with us. We are asking you to continue to agree with us in prayer that the house is sold NOW! We know our buyer is out there and we've called them forth. We've just been waiting for them to show up---and we believe they did show up Wed. night. We are expecting this couple and their children to purchase our home. Would you agree that the offer would come and that their financing comes through. We are also asking God to bless whomever purchases our home with health and prosperity.

We'll keep you posted with how it goes. We still wait. And laugh---a lot. How crazy can life be? We go from snakes to fire alarms to houses and beyond in one day. I have to admit, life is pretty funny when you think about it!


Cheryl St.John said...

C'mon, Chickie, post PICTURES!! LOL

Cheryl St.John said...

I LOVE the picture! I'd kiss her cheeks-- if she'd let me. LOL

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