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Monday, September 24, 2007

Spotlight on Andrew

Decided I needed to let Andrew have his day to shine---or whatever---in the blog.

Andrew is currently a very involved (a little too involved says mom) young man. He is finishing soccer season which happens to overlap swim lessons by a couple weeks. He also is taking piano lessons and does Awanas on Wed. nights. He was REALLY hoping to take violin lessons this year through school, but Mom said another 15-20 minutes of practice on top of 40 minutes of homework and 30 minutes of piano doesn't sound like you'll ever get to have fun or be a child again. I think most of the time he agrees with me, but he does long for another instrument. He is also a "Student Ambassador" on Thursday mornings which means he opens car doors and helps kids get out of the cars to keep the drop off line moving.

I was so pleased at school when I introduced myself to the Challenge teacher. She looked at me and the first thing she said was, "Andrew is the kindest student I've ever met." Doesn't that make you proud when you hear nice things about your kids? I was so very proud of Sean and I for raising such a wonderfully kind child. Yea us...then I get home and walk in the door to hear Andrew yelling at his brother--"LEAVE ME ALONE! Stop bugging me." So much for the kindest kid theory.

Although, I must say that most of the time, those brothers and sister love each other to pieces. They really don't fight much at all and they are kind to one another.

However, the biggest 'problem' with Andrew is his sense of humor. He gets it from his father. He has a dead-panned style of humor that always keeps you on your toes. He also likes to play tricks on you. In fact, on Sunday he got a kids meal toy and managed to keep us from knowing what it was. We got home and he got his baseball bat & ball out to play ball. Before you know it, he's up telling us how he did a bad thing and he can't tell us, he can only show us. We made him tell and he let us know that he accidentally hit the ball and it cracked the glass on the door really bad. Sean goes to look and discovers Andrew got one of those fake baseball breaking glass clings. He's put it on the front door to trick us. At first glance, it worked!

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