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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tips on Tuesday: Get Moving, It's for your Health

This summer I've been working on making small but important steps to improving my health. I've been working on increasing the number of healthy things (read: vegetables) that I eat, being aware of portion size and trying to reduce my portions to get closer to a real portion size and in the past few weeks, I've added movement to the list.

Our chiropractor is adamant about movement and his words make a lot of sense to me. He focuses on being able to live independently until you die. His goal is to help his patients have the option to live alone into their 80's, 90's and 100's. According to Dr. N., there are three keys to independence: 1. Mobility, 2. Gait, 3. Mind. With these keys, you can live an independent life.

He believes strongly in continuing to move throughout life. I agree that it's important to keep your ability to move and walk. I know your mind is important, too--but today I'm focusing on moving. What do you do to keep moving? Sean & I like to take walks around our very long block (our block is the size of 3 normal blocks)...but I prefer a leisurely pace. It might keep you moving, but doesn't do anything to increase your heart rate.

We've recently purchased a Wii Fit system for our Wii. I have to say, I'm surprised at how much we've been using the Wii Fit. If you stick to the aerobic routines, you can really get moving and increase your heart rate as well. With the fun onscreen incentives, it does make getting your 15-30 minutes of movement a lot more fun to do.

I'm also looking into the community center so I can use the gym equipment. I like elliptical trainers and I've discovered I can use the community center for about $1 per day using a prepaid pass.

Do you ever take the stairs instead of the elevator? Nathan & I try to take stairs after our various appointments. We're usually racing to make it on time, but afterwards, we try to walk down the stairs when we leave.

What are some ways that you keep moving? Let me know...I'm determined to move more.

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