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Monday, July 19, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance

Sorry for the blog delays - two family reunions in two weekends makes for a tired momma!

Rebekah always dances her way around the house. She loves to "Dancy, dancy, dance" like June from the Little Einsteins. We decided to let her have a taste of dance lessons and put her into a Pre-ballet/Pre-tap class. It's a four week camp to give the girls a taste of dance lessons. She's having fun and seems to enjoy it, but it's not her first love. It's been a good lesson that she's really not 100% ready for dance lessons and waiting another year would be wise. (She also wants to try soccer this fall--and Sean & I believe it could be her niche!)

She had so much fun trying to move her feet and arms the correct way. It's a stitch to watch these 3 & 4 year olds attempt to dance. My favorite moment was when the teacher tapped on her legs to show how she was turning out her feet and all the girls leaned over and tapped their legs. None of them turned their feet out.

My pink blur in motion!


A star sticker for our little dancing star. I tried to take some movies, but they turned out too dark. I'll try again because it's so much fun to watch!

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