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Friday, July 23, 2010

Family Reunion #1

We had a couple family reunions recently. They were back to back since my sister & brother-in-law were planning to be at both. As life works out, they couldn't make it to both. My sis (who planned this first one) was able to attend, so I got to see her.

The first night, we had dinner for anyone in town at a restaurant. We had the party room and all the kids were having a great time running around afterwards. There was a small stage at one end so they were up and down the stairs running in circles.

The next morning we went to the cemetery to see where some of our ancestors were buried. Rebekah had to have a picture by the biggest stone. Nathan had to pretend to cry since it was a cemetery. Hams--my children are ALL hams!

After the cemetery, we went to lunch. (Did I mention we eat a lot at reunions?) Then onto the air museum. Here's the group listening to our guide.
I have to admit I didn't hear much of what the guide said. I was distracted because Nathan's retainer had accidentally been thrown away at lunch. Luckily, we ate at the VFW so there was only one trash can. Sean went back to dig in the trash while I had the kids. He couldn't find it and I was worried sick. He ended up bringing the trash with him so we could dig through it that night. We found it almost at the top of the bag (praise God), but it has created an extra vigilance amongst all of us.

The kids were a bit bored by the talking, so they studied the planes.

Andrew called me over to point at the wing on this plane--
There's something orange there. He mentioned that it was ironic... have a paper airplane on the wing of the giant airplane.

Here's Rebekah posing for me...
and yes, I'm worried about the teenage years.

After dinner (yes, we ate again), we went to a melodrama. SO FUN AND FUNNY!!!
Here's the heroine and the villain. We got to throw popcorn at the villain. We were also allowed to throw folded bills. Somebody knew origami and made paper cranes, paper stars and paper airplanes. It was a hoot.

Here are two characters trying to be the first to grab a bill.

Here's the heroine with the hero. He saw me taking this picture, so he dropped his hand from in front of his mouth and smiled for my camera. He didn't say his lines because he was posing. Then he said, "I had to pose for a photo." Then started his lines again.

We laughed so hard and had a great time. We took photos of the family groups and said farewell to those who were leaving in the morning. The rest of us met up for breakfast (did I mention we eat a lot?) before everyone left for home. It was a great weekend and my sister & cousin did an awesome job of planning and putting it together. Sis would find the places and my cousin would go check all of them out.

Nice job!

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