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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Helicopter Day

"The Boys" got to go to Helicopter Day at the museum. They had a blast. Andrew had been at a slumber party the night before, so I know he was exhausted. We were a bit surprised that Nathan chose to go--even though he knew it would be loud.

Watching one come in for a landing.

Cute boys on a helicopter walk-through.

Here's where Andrew's fatigue is showing. Aren't siblings annoying???

But, how can you stay mad at this face for long?

Go Big Red!

One more helicopter before they left.

They also got to see a demonstration of military dogs. I understand it was really cool.

Here's my favorite video of the day. Can you believe the wind these helicopters kick up? If you watch, you'll see Andrew get hit in the neck by a piece of debris flying in the wind.

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