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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Reunion #2

Family Reunion #2 was for the Lebanese side of my family. Ever seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? We've retitled that movie as "My Big Fat Lebanese Life". Yes, I know people who might resemble the characters in the show....I might be able to assign names of my relatives to all of the true characters in the movie.

So we get together annually for a big bash. We mainly eat food. There's some games, some dancing, lots of chatting and hugging and fun.

For the main evening meal, we had 232 dining. Above is a proof of the photo the photographer took of our big group. I'm in there...somewhere.

We eat many of the traditional foods over the course of the three meals. My favorite is the Stuffed Grape Leaves. And this year was the best grape leaves ever. We have Cabbage Rolls, Tabbouleh Salad, Sish-ka-bob lamb (can say, but can't spell the Lebanese word), Baklava and for Sunday morning breakfast it's fried bread dough.

 Here are several of our 70+ family members. Since this was our 70th annual reunion, someone asked all the 70+ family members to form a receiving line so everyone could meet those who have the most knowledge of the past.

Looking forward to next year!

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