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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tips on Tuesday: Healthy Eating promotes Healthy Living

Healthy Eating -- there's a phrase that is like a knife in my heart. I know I 'should' eat better, but I have the idea stuck in my head that healthy eating doesn't taste good. I'm working on my attitude.
Then there's kids. I get tired of nobody liking what I fix so I end up making less nutritious meals just to make sure everyone will eat what is dished up in front of them. Hold your criticisms, we make them eat a few bites of all things deemed 'yucky'; but the honest truth is that certain things I hated as a kid are foods I love today. I don't really expect my kids to find stuffed bell peppers to be the greatest culinary delight they have ever tasted. I hated that dish until I was about 20 years old. The fact that I can force a couple bites down their throats is better than I ever did.

But, I digress...I've been trying to look into easy ways to eat better and here are a few things I've discovered.

1. Portion control!!! I can't tell you how minuscule some portions really are (compared to how we serve them). Did you know that 1/2 cup of cooked pasta is a serving. Think about it. If you serve spaghetti, chances are you put 1 - 1.5 cups on the plate for the FIRST serving. Yikes! And if you still use white pasta instead of wheat, it's that much worse. Now wheat pasta is not my favorite, but try mixing it half and half with white pasta.

2. Look at your plate. Did you know that half of your meal should be veggies. Yes, half of your plate should be veggies. A salad could make up one quarter and the side dish another quarter. On the remaining half of your plate, one quarter should be low-fat protein (no bigger than the palm of your hand) and the remaining quarter should be a whole grain or a starchy vegetable (such as corn or peas).

3. Snacking better. Grab some raw veggies and low fat dip instead of chips or candy. Put all natural peanut butter in celery or have a handful of almonds to boost your protein in a good way.

4. Dining out? Eat a snack before you go. Decide in advance how much of the chips and salsa or bread you will eat. When you eat that amount, have your server remove the temptation from your table. When your meal comes, immediately box half of it up. This way, if you are temped to keep eating after half a plate of entree, you will have to dig in the box to do it. (Rather embarrassing.)

5. Take your time. It takes at least 10 minutes (and some say 20 minutes) for your stomach to communicate with your brain that you are full. Take a bite and put your fork down. Chew thoroughly and swallow BEFORE you pick up your fork again. Or, take a bite and count to ten while you are eating. Until you reach 10, don't pick up another bite. I have to tell you that you will be amazed at how long those 10 seconds seem. It feels like you are chewing for a full minute instead of only 10 seconds. Enjoy and savor your food so your body realizes the full feeling sooner.

Good luck. I'll keep you posted as I work on these things myself. Keep me posted on any other tips you use as I'm working to make a healthier home for my family and myself.

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