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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pretty Woman and Pimp Daddy

You know how you see those "bad parents" in stores? The parent whose child is running loose...

Well, while I was paying for shoes at the shoe store, the clerk starts laughing hysterically. So hard that tears are streaming down her face as she says, "Ma'am, you should see your two kiddos." (Andrew was at a birthday party so he missed the melee.)

Sean captured Pimp Daddy behind Pretty Woman on his cell phone. It's now his wallpaper.

I caught up with Julia  my personal pretty woman...

Not wanting to be outdone, Pimp Daddy strikes a pose. (Added bonus, his shirt says My Dad is My Hero)

Yes, I did laugh, too. At least we got the shoes needed for each one of them and managed to get the merchandise back in the proper spot.

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