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Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: Safety Tat

I had the wonderful opportunity to review the SafetyTat. It's a temporary tattoo (stickers are also available) that can be customized with text or phone numbers. They have wide range of products for all sorts of events and needs.

The whole idea for temporary child ID tattoos came as an inspiration when owner, Michelle, and husband took their three small boys to an amusement park. Feeling outnumbered, she wrote her cell number on their arms with an ink pen. She had to rewrite it several times in the day as it started to wear off. Other parents loved the idea and from there, the SafetyTat was born.

The folks at SafetyTat were extra helpful to me. I noticed they have "I have Autism" and "Non-Verbal Autism" along with Downs Syndrome and the girl/boy "I'm Non-Verbal". This was a huge encouragement to me. Nathan does pretty well in public situations, but he doesn't know our cell phone numbers and if he was really panicked, I think he would have a difficult time making sense to anyone outside our family. They allowed me to get both the "I have Autism" for Nathan and a puppy dog for Rebekah.

I've taken these to our Autism Support Group and everyone who hadn't used them before was excited to get the information.

Another great tatoo are the ones designed for schools. I'll be ordering some for field trips next year. They come in both the tattoo format and the quick stick (stickers) and I can write my number on them and stick to the children who I'm responsible for.

Rebekah loved wearing the doggie on her arm. The only problem we had (and it was my fault) was that I didn't apply it to the arm. She really wanted the top of her hand but it's just too hard to keep it from peeling. If you put it on the arm (either inner arm or outer) it stays on much better. They should last for 4-5 days, but it's recommended to reapply every day.

Overall, I love these and look forward to using them this summer as we travel and as we head to local attractions. Nothing beats watching after your children, but if they should ever be
separated from you, it's a relief to know that somebody could reach you.

Here are a couple of the allergy tats. There are other ones for stings and some that are customizable with multiple lines of text. They even have a "create your own" section if you'd like to design your colors and pictures yourself.

Most are reasonably priced at $19.95 for 30 SafetyTats customized with your phone number or other appropriate text. I found their customer service to be a joy to work with and they ship very quickly.

I know we'll never go to Disney again without our SafetyTats.

1 comment:

w said...

great review. the specific tats are amazing.

we used ours at disney, too!

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