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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preschool Visit (a few months ago)

I just found these photos and realized I never blogged about my visit to preschool.

Ever have a moment of clarity--almost a surreal experience? The moment when you realize, "This is it!! I've waited my whole life for this?!?" It happens for me whenever I visit preschool. I realized with Andrew that somehow, there was this unspoken rule in my mind. The unspoken rule is that you haven't really 'arrived' as a mother until you take treats to preschool. That moment of clarity hit me upside the head with Andrew and still tends to catch me off guard with the other kids.
For Rebekah, we had to make a snack of popcorn with M&Ms. (Pronounced Em-me-nems.) I was so excited to go visit with her. We arrived and I got to sit in my 'special visitor chair' while they started their day. When it was time for kids to do their tasks for the day, two children get to go to the special center set up in the corner. It was new this day and it was a "Bob the Builder Workshop". Rebekah and a friend got to go in the corner to explore. As her time there went on, the hat kept tilting farther and farther over on her head. I giggled so hard and snapped pictures when she didn't realize I was taking them.

In no time at all, she was busy bossing this boy around and telling him how to properly do the fixing.

She had fun with the tools, but spent most of her time talking on the phone making sure everything was going well for her clients. (Hey, you can't ever learn good customer service too early in life!)

Then she did her tasks for the day. She had to put the right number of bears on each cave.

She insisted I take a photo of the finished job and her with it. Good job, Rebekah, you got them all right.

We had a great day together at school. Hard to believe my baby is finishing her first year in preschool. She's growing up so fast.
Thanks, Rebekah-Poodle-Doodle for taking Mommy to school with you. It's always a ton of fun for me.

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Angela said...

She's soooo cute! :]

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