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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Andrew's Award Night

Each year, Andrew's school hosts an awards night for each grade. We've been impressed that they make sure every child in the school gets at least one award. The philosophy is that the kids who earn the most awards don't really need them. Their self-esteem is probably firmly locked into place. It's the kids who never get any awards that need them the most. The awards are based on clubs you participate in, grades and any special achievements you received during the year.

This year, the seating ran out faster than ever. So the principal had all the kids move in to one end of each row and they opened up the seating on the gym floor for parents. Sean managed to score great seats for us on the floor.

Here Andrew was sticking his tongue out at us as he walked past back to his seat. Last year, he was involved in the most clubs for his team. (A girl on the other team had one more club than he did.) He set a goal this year to be in one more club than he was last year. Turns out, he did manage to achieve his goal. He got 7 awards last year and this year he managed to get 9. (Are you kidding me??) Of course, the same girl on the other team got 10--cracks me up. He got the most awards of any person on his team. Eight were for clubs and one was for keeping a 3.75 GPA or higher for the year.

This is the video of him getting his awards. His teacher reads the list of what every child is getting. The girl before him had one award and the girl after him had two or three. In the middle was Mr. Andrew with his NINE awards. Good thing I don't hang all the certificates in his room because: 1. we'd be out of wall space and 2. I'd go broke buying frames.

This is Andrew sticking his tongue out at us as he returns to his seat. What a funny kid!

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