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Friday, April 16, 2010

Homespun Egg Fun

We started off with coloring Easter Eggs.

All three of my small children had fun...

So did my big child (Sean) and our visiting big kid (Grandma)...

Andrew worked on making layers of color.

Rebekah had to tattoo her egg and color on it before dying the egg.

Then Rebekah needed a tattoo on her. We did a bracelet, then used the leftover Mickey Mouse on her face.
Since it had rained and the Easter Egg hunt we planned to go to had been cancelled, we did an indoor hunt.

I managed to fill about 90 eggs for the kids. It's hard to hide that many in our Living & Dining Rooms, but we managed.

Everyone had fun finding eggs.

Checking out the loot.

Nathan cracked me up. He had to sort everything into the appropriate pile. Only like things could go together. I didn't get a picture of Rebekah with her candy. Might be because I was busy trying to get as much of it out of her hands as possible. She saw it as a free-for-all and a contest to see who could eat all 30 eggs worth of candy the fastest.

By then, our eggs had dried and we ended up with these beautiful eggs.

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