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Monday, April 12, 2010

Grandma's Visits are Grand!

Grandma and our family had a fantastic time together. We ate...a lot...and had great times together. The kids were on spring break so they would alternate between computer time, Wii time and grandma time. Rebekah still misses her grandma every day!

In all this 'fun', I never got the camera out. Sigh! Some days I'm too busy living life to photograph it.

At our Taco Bell meal (a Coolest-family favorite), we got some goofy photos.

Andrew balanced the tray on his head (adding pizza box and cup) and Nathan wanted a taco eating photo.

Rebekah & Dad sat at the 'big table'.
Then Rebekah took my camera from me. I won't make you look at 27 photos of the parking lot and the cars in the drive can thank me later. Here are the people pictures she took:

Dad & Grandma...

Mom and brothers...oops, moved the camera while snapping the brothers and blurred them a bit.

When the kids get a little too exuberant, we know it's about time to leave. Nathan and Rebekah were dancing nicely. Note past tense: "They WERE dancing nicely." Then they started doing dips. Nathan almost dropped Rebekah on her noggin a few times. We packed up and left.
I think the Taco Bell staff really love to see us walking in. It's always a little floor show for them.

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