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Monday, April 05, 2010

Family Easter Photos

Here are some of our Easter Sunday Photos...

Check out my pretty, pretty princess in her pink and white checked dress. I've been saving the fur cape for almost two years waiting for her to grow into it. She insisted on a headband (first time for one of those) instead of pony tails. Very grown up!

Back at home, we took the 'mommy ordered' family photos.

We used the timer on the camera and the tripod and after about 15 not so good pics, we managed to get this...

Then the family decided to have some fun....
Rebekah wanted a silly faces photo. So we waited while the camera counts down and at one second, Andrew lunges for the camera and is pleased with his photo.

Then we did silly faces for Rebekah...


Finally, Rebekah decides to use the timer...but doesn't know how and gets this photo of her head.
We had a nice Easter and spent time reflecting on the Resurrection of Jesus. The kids' Bible readings coincided so we were able to read the story from Luke as part of their day. We relaxed and had a nice family day.

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