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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Some friends of the Autism Society hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for children with special needs and their families. We decided to go and check it out. The Easter Bunny was there taking photos. Rebekah wasn't sure about the bunny at first. We put her up there and snapped these photos fast. She hopped down and ran off right away.

It's hard to wait for an egg hunt to begin. So before you know it, all 3 of my kids have their buckets on their heads like hats. Looking good!

At the starting line...Andrew wanted to be in NO photos. Nathan wanted to go stand by friends, so I got pictures of Rebekah.

After the egg hunt, they brought out the parachute. The kids played with this for almost an hour. Lots of colorful fun.

Once Rebekah realized the Easter Bunny came under the parachute, she became his shadow. Wherever he went, she was there with him.

She even followed him as he was trying to make his escape.

A little more parachute fun before we had to leave.
It was a beautiful, sunny day and warm. We had such a nice time and got great information on other events these friends host. We're hoping to go fishing with them this summer.

As we were heading to the car, these ducks waddled across our path.

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