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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Autism Society heads to the Ball Park

The Autism Society arranged for us to go to a baseball game. Since it's Autism Awareness month, we had a table set up to give out information before the game.

It was family day as well, so there was a clown making balloon animals. Rebekah & Nathan helped make their creations.

Rebekah wanted a monkey. We didn't realize it's a monkey in a tree with bananas. Wow!

Nathan wanted a frog.

The Autism Society has good friends in the Storm Troopers! The troopers came to pass out information for the Autism Society. It generated a lot of interest in our table and we are grateful to them. Rebekah (at first) was scared and didn't want to go near them. She wouldn't go close to R2D2, but then decided she liked the Storm Troopers.

At this point, she wanted a photo--all by myself--with each one.

Pretty cool.

Here we are before the game started. Forgot to get Sean's photo (not that he really cares).

We knew we can all roll our tongues, but I didn't remember that Andrew can do the clover leaf.

We got the kids into the Kid Fun Zone and Andrew had fun on the bouncers.

Nathan & Rebekah had fun hitting the ball.

Sadly, the rally caps (he's wearing 3) did not help our team win the game.

Rebekah talked about the peanut through the whole game. He was finally by our section at the end of the game. She took right off to get a photo with him.

When the game was over, the kids could go run the bases. Here they are after crossing home plate.

A tiring day. Rebekah conked out almost immediately after leaving the parking lot.

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