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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Lunch

I keep forgetting to post about our Teacher Appreciation Lunch. It was a great time and the teachers all appeared to enjoy themselves. You have to give them credit for keeping their cool when they are faced with the theme of "Survivor" for their appreciation week!

I think the menu inspired confidance in them as they realized they would get Fried Dodo Bird, Ground Root Slop and drinks like Fruity Leaf Boil. They were very good sports and enjoyed a nice meal.

We decorated by covering the tables with beach towels instead of tablecloths. One gal borrowed a couple gross of leis and we piled those in the middle of the table and put one around each chair. Another gal found a floral centerpiece and used a grass skirt to 'dress up' the vase. There are also Soy Candles for each teacher to take with them. (More on the 'soy' part below.) I did reassure them that we wouldn't be putting out any candles to vote teachers off the island today.

Here was their most creative decorating. They took another grass skirt, coconut bra, lei and wrist flowers to make the menu into an island girl. I thought it was adorable!

I found a couple large (5 ft tall) Tikis to hang up and we got umbrellas for all the drink glasses.

To end the luncheon, we gave each teacher a 'survivor pack' to help them get through the week. If you can't read it, it says:
Teacher Survival Kit
Halls Strawberry Refresh — to keep you from biting your tongue
Halls Tropical Wave Refresh — to bring tropical refreshment to you
Toothbrush and Toothpaste — to keep the smile on your face
Deodorant — to keep you cool and refreshed
Chapstick — to moisturize and nourish your smile
Lotion — to keep your hands soft
Aspirin — no explanation needed
Soy Based Candle — We’re ‘soy’ glad you’re a teacher because you are ‘soy’ special. We wanted to say thank you ‘soy’ much for all you do.

You are all “Survivors” to us.

Thank you again to all of our teachers everywhere!! You are all truly a 'survivor' to me and our family appreciate all that you do for us and our children.

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Ane said...

This is really thoughtful and cute! :)

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