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Sunday, March 07, 2010

New Style BK

Anyone else been to one of the 'new fangled' Burger King restaurants? There are very few booths. Some around two edges. There are a cluster of large, comfy lazy-boy types of chairs with a swivel table to put your laptop onto. In the center are high tables with chairs. There are three tables/booths with computer game consoles on them. You can play all kinds of games like Chuzzle, Luxor, Paint (for the kids) and lots more.

The kids wanted to go to this one almost daily. We made it over 3-4 times. Tried to go at odd times when there wasn't a rush. We often had two of the three computers for ourselves. Tried to always leave one open for someone else...I know, we're nothing if not generous.

Sis had a great time with the games. She LOVED the paint and the sticker game. Thankfully, there's a timer built into the system so the kids all got equal minutes of play.

Nathan showing off his skills.
The other cool thing was the center menu board was digital and showed clips of items or scrolled specials. The interior is really a lot more like a Starbucks with games. It was fun for adults and kids!

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