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Monday, March 22, 2010

Andrew's Jazz Band Performance

Andrew's Jazz Band was invited to play at a fundraiser for the high school band. It was a great experience and because of where they fell in the day, we were able to stay and hear the top jazz band from the high school play.

I snapped a few photos before they started playing, then took videos of their songs. Here's Andrew paying attention to last minute instructions from the director.

Here's a little smile for me. He's hoping I'll stop taking photos now.

Instead, I kept going by switching to taking videos of the jazz band playing. I thought they did really well. It's an audition only jazz band so the kids have a decent musical background coming into the band. Andrew plays piano for Jazz Band. There are two pianists. They take turns as the other kid also does some drums.

Their first song was "Flight of the Foo Birds" (If you receive this via email, either download attachments at the bottom of the email to see these or click on the title to go to the blog page and view there.)

Here's "El Taco Rocko" (my favorite)

Here's "Thriller" (the kids' favorite)

I didn't realize that the piano (Andrew) and Bass Guitar kicked it off. So you can hear his piano right after the intro. It's setting the tempo with the drums. If you watch the video, you'll notice I quickly zip across the entire jazz band to focus on Andrew. Right before that dizzying ride, you'll hear him and the bass guitar start it off.

Bravo, Jazz Band!! They should all be proud of their accomplishments!

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