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Friday, March 05, 2010

Oh, to be warm at the Beer Can House again

The Beer Can House, Houston

Ah, the warmth of Houston...missing it. Although it's getting warmer in the midwest, there's still snow...lots of snow...everywhere. When we were in Texas, we went to the Beer Can House as part of Tia's Fun Day. Here are Andrew & Nathan at the gate and my sister & I outside the house.

The owners/creators of the beer can house are now deceased. No, they did not die of liver problems. John & Mary Milkovisch owned this house. John worked as an upholsterer for the railroad and began by hand-cutting vinyl tiles to do the floor of their home. He couldn't afford the more expensive ceramic tile, but he made beautiful floors out of vinyl. Then he started adding marbles and things to concrete in the yard...because he didn't like to mow the grass. Eventually, he started putting aluminum siding on the bottom of their home. (Aluminum can siding, that is.) Eventually, he covered the whole house which saved them a great deal in utilities.

Here is the front of the house. He also used the tabs and can lids to create chains that he hung. It is a unique wind chime.

A close up of the siding.

I remember these types of tabs, but wanted a picture for my kids to remember. They've never seen a pull tab before. Those were long gone by the time I got married and had kids.

Tia by an assorted stack of cans in the kitchen of the house.

Mary contributed this artistic project to the back yard.

This is the back fence. It's made of bottles and cans. There's a covered patio area where you can sit in the shade and listen to the sound of the wind chimes on the house.

Some of John's work with stones and marbles in cement.

This fence is also covered in aluminum cans and runs between the house and the house next door.

Mary & John's beer drinking bench.

Front porch and porch swing.

John's artwork. He built a golden ladder with one black rung and added the sign, "Live by Golden Rule."

Before and after of the house.

John even covered the mailbox. If you look at the final picture, even the cement step has cans worked into it. The gate and fencing are cans, if it didn't move, it was covered.
It was a unique house and a lot of fun. Next visit, we're hoping the Orange Show will be reopened so we can visit it, too.

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