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Monday, March 15, 2010

The events preceeding "Can you believe what my kid did now?"

If you remember my post "Can you believe what my kid did now?!?!?!", I had promised to tell you about the earlier events in the day. For those inquiring minds who just need to know, this post is for you!

We went to the CIRCUS!

We were invited through the Autism Society to attend a performance of the circus. This was a Special People show so there were a lot of wheelchairs. They took out the 3rd ring and did a 2 ring circus instead. They took out some of the louder events (human cannon and motorcycle ball) for our friends with sensory issues.
All in all, it was a fun time and we didn't really miss not having the 3rd ring. Two was plenty to watch!!

Before the show, one of the clowns came to visit. Rebekah was hiding at first but as soon as we mentioned a photo, she made nice with the clown. I couldn't get Nathan in this shot (he was next to Andrew)...but he really was there. Then we had to take a picture of the Alligator Clown. He's Rebekah's favorite.

The acrobats were amazing. They walked on these balls and went up three ramps to get to the top.

The exotic animals included a horse, a llama and a camel.

What circus would be complete without elephants?? They also had tigers, but my photos didn't turn out the best.
It was a lot of fun. Nathan was out of school and we might have pulled Andrew out a bit early to go. Didn't seem fair to make him miss for his math class and his homeroom. He had fun and was a big help in keeping his brother and sister herded in the right direction.
It was fun, but exhausting!

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