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Monday, July 06, 2009

What we did for the Fourth...

Our personal "Field of Dreams"...the former garden plot, overrun by herbs like mint and chives. We've fought the herbs for two years. Now we're taking this space back.

The boxes dreams are made of. We did (thankfully) buy the 'ready to assemble' kit instead of the kit where you cut everything yourself. The kit comes with all the wood precut and ready to go. (Don't let that statement fool you, every board has to have starter holes drilled for the screws, nuts & bolts, brackets, etc.

Of course it was raining on Friday and Saturday! Sean & my dad put tarps on the deck to keep the rain from dripping onto them. Then they started assembly on the tower under the deck.
Dad worked between showers and flattened a spot to put the tower.

Once the tower was in place, they built the monkey bar section and then the swingset section.
Sunday was a LOT warmer and sunnier. We finished the safety pieces on the tower and attached both monkey bars and swings. We were also trying to level out the dirt and scrape it flat. Once that was done, Sean & dad treated for ants, treated the dirt against weeds, put down a weed stop, then they covered with sand. It happened to be on sale this weekend at the hardware store, so we ended up putting in 3/4 ton fo sand.
Then we hung the components and tested what we could.
And.....Tah Dah! We have a swingset!
Here the kids are enjoying the fruit of Poppa & Daddy's labors. They played out there until bedtime with a neighbor and they spent the afternoon playing again today.


Cheryl St.John said...

I'm glad you're happy. I have a major aversion to sand and would be twitching if there was any in my backyard.

Coolestmommy said...

I was warned about sand. The original plan was to cover the sand with the ground up tire mulch (rubber mulch)...but they are having so much fun digging in the sand, I waffle.

For now, it's sand. We may cover with rubber mulch down the road and decrease the sandbox to the area just under the deck. It depends on how much sand I end up vacuuming and sweeping.

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