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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Birthday Bonanza Part 3

Here's the birthday everyone has been waiting for....Miss Rebekah has turned 3. She's growing up so fast! She chose a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday cake. She and I couldn't decide if we wanted Pink or Purple frosting--so the nice cake lady suggested using both. What a great idea!! And, I'm sure you notice how nicely her cake matches her birthday dress.

Rebekah & her BFF (Best Friend Forever). They are both blowing the Mickey Mouse blowers. They had a great time playing and eating and hanging out. Her BFF is only two months older than Rebekah and is our neighbor. It's so nice to have a friend so close!

Below are some of the many gifts she received. Now, I must tell you that Andrew was helping by taking photos during the early part of her party. He is a very artistic (aka blurry) photographer when there is so much going on. He also thinks movies are more fun because, "Mom, you can make photos out of the movie frames." While it's true that I can, my camera is only so good and most of the frames are not clean enough for a photo. So....if you gave a gift and don't see it represented below, the photo might be too 'artistic' to use online. I'll trim them down for the scrapbook.

This Princess Doll Bed came all the way from Hawaii. My folks found it at a big rummage sale and discovered it comes apart and lays flat. They managed to pack it into their suitcase and bring it home with them. Rebekah uses it every day.

Here are more gifts being opened. She got a Princess pillow from her BFF and she sleeps with it every night. She got fairy wings and Poppa made her a birdhouse out of recycled wood from the hurricane. Ever since she saw the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Goofy builds a birdie house for Baby Red Bird and his Mommy, she can only talk about Poppa helping her make a bird house. So this is officially the birdie house for Baby Red Bird and his Mommy.

Sean's mom (not knowing the party theme) sent a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse puzzle and a Winnie the Pooh puzzle. Rebekah loves both puzzles. We were worried that she might not be able to do them since they are each 25 pieces. What were we worried about?? After a couple times with help, she can now do the puzzles, "All by my-self!"

Rebekah, you stole our hearts from the moment we saw you. You've grown so big and yet you will be my baby forever. I love you!
First birthday...couldn't even walk...
Second a ballerina or princess gown...
Look how big you are today!

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Cheryl St.John said...

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Loved the photos.

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