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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Birthday Bonanza Parts 1 & 2

What can I say?? June is quite a busy month around here. In the month of June, Sean, Rebekah & I all have birthdays---my father in law has a birthday---and Sean & I celebrate our anniversary. Top that off with Father's Day and we find ourselves doing a lot of eating out and gift buying.

Sean's birthday was low-key, which is how he likes it. He wasn't sure he would be able to sneak away from the office to have lunch with us so we took the kids to McD for some playplace time to burn energy. (That week was so hot you couldn't be outside with the heat index.) He ended up meeting us at McD for a really super lunch. (Sorry, Dad---but the kids loved it!) Then we made him go to dinner with us since his original suggestion for a great gift would be us going to dinner and he'd do whatever he wanted home alone. We put the big old nope on that and drug him to dinner. Here's a photo of gifts at dinner.

My birthday was one with a somewhat significant number attached to it. I guess I figure the Bible says in Genesis 6 that man should live to be 120 years on the earth. So if we're supposed to live to 120, then 60 is only the halfway point and you can't really be over the hill until 61. Besides, most senior discounts kick in by then so you can rejoice to be on the downward side.

I think several friends and my sister wanted to make a big deal over this, but I was pretty happy with nothing other than time with my family. We went to dinner (steaks--yum, yum) and had presents and cake at my folks' house. I got some jewelry, a CM album from my sister the Creative Memories consultant and my sister also wrote 40 Reasons why she loves me as well as sending up an entire bag of canned Chicken & Dumplings. (Don't knock it until you try it. I don't have a recipe to make chicken & dumplings, so I get canned sent up from the south when the opportunity arises.)

Here's a bouquet that arrived from a dear friend of mine. Rebekah was convinced that since it had a balloon, it could only be for her birthday party. Sorry--this one's mine! I got a few pictures of some of the flowers before they got too wilted. This beautiful bouquet stayed nice for not quite two weeks. I couldn't believe how long these flowers lasted. What a wonderful surprise!

Hope you enjoyed Sean & my birthdays. I know we did! I'll get Rebekah's birthday posted soon. It takes a little more time with about a hundred photos and videos of the day to sort through.

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Angela said...

Happy Birthday to all of you! :]

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