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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Toothless Joe

Nathan lost Tooth #3 this week. My mom wants to point out that I missed blogging the loss of Tooth 1 and Tooth 2 this winter. He lost both 1 & 2 in the same weekend at the start of February. However, it was so traumatic for him that I was only able to get one photo at the time and he looks scared to death. You'd think I had beat the tooth out of him instead of him losing it on his own.

It looks like those first teeth prepared him...sort of...for more enamel soldiers to fall. We knew one of his top teeth was loose, but he wouldn't let us touch it. Figured it would eventually come out. I'd love to say I was a well-prepared mommy who thought this out in advance---because it's brilliant---but, I just gave him the Starburst he asked for after dinner. (Mental note: Starburst stick to loose teeth and aid in their removal.) He was eating his candy and all of a sudden, he hands me a tooth and says, "Look mom, I just lost a tooth."

We almost had a tooth fairy malfunction, but thankfully he doesn't remember to check without prompting. Whew! We don't lie to our kids about fictional characters, but this child is determined to believe in fairy tales. I try to let it go.

Here is Mr. Smiles with his top tooth (top right as we face him) missing. Yes, I know it's hard to see, we were having trouble getting a picture of it. It's easy to spot when you are talking to him. And with his Tooth Fairy money, he had a happy time at the store buying some Bakugan cards.


Sher said...

Looks like he needs to use that dollar to buy a king size candy bar. He's too skinny!

Renee Alfaro said...

I know Nathan doesn't eat well, but I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one that thought he looked a little malnutritioned. I wish I was so skinny that people would suggest I should eat ice cream, milk shakes, etc to put some meat on my bones.

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