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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ever feel trapped by your clothes???

Just found these in my photos--forgot I had them. If you head back to 4th of July weekend, I put Miss Rebekah down for her nap. She seemed quiet and I knew she had gone to sleep. After a long naptime, I went to check and see if she was still sleeping. Yes, she was still sleeping...but when I walked into her room the first thing I noticed was this...

It's her Red, White & Blue Ponytails and her plastic pants and training pants (undies). I'm becoming concerned because she doesn't always stay dry at naptime and I didn't want her to get her 4th of July dress wet.

No problem there! She had taken the dress off, too. It was thrown off the other end of the crib. I adjusted the covers a bit to keep my photos PG-13. This is how I found our precious girl. Yup, buck naked.
The good news is she remained dry through the entire nap. Whew! Sheets could wait for another day to be changed.

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