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Thursday, April 02, 2009

What would you say to Jesus?

At AWANA this week, Nathan's class talked about Jesus going to Heaven and preparing a place for us. The teacher asked the kids to go around the circle and they were to tell what they would say to Jesus if he was in the room and going to Heaven.

The children were taking turns going around the circle and answering. When it was Nathan's turn, the teacher asked what he would say to Jesus. He thought a minute and answered, "Come back to me."

His teacher was so impressed and told him that she was touched that he wanted Jesus to come back to him. What a wonderful answer.

Nathan interrupts her to say, "No--I mean I don't have an answer. Come back to me."

Ah, the depth of youth.
I think Jesus got a smile, too.


Sher said...

That is an awesome story Robyn.

MommyRU said...

Too cute! (Must have been liberating to let the teacher know "C'mon, lady, I'm plenty insightful, but not at this particular moment!" LOL) Bless you, Nate, and may Jesus honor anything you have to say to Him with His unconditional love.

Christian had a similar funny yesterday when the Walgreens cashier asked him how old he was and he said "ONE!" I looked at him and said "umm...are you sure you're not 4?" and he said "NO! Papi tells me I'm #1 all the time!!" (How do you dispute that?!)

Jennifer C said...

HA! That was cute...glad you have that one written down.:)

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