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Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden of the Gods

"Kissing Camels"

We were able to spend some time with Poppa & Grandma. We took a trip to Garden of the Gods and spent the day there. What a beautiful place that really reminds you of the majesty of the Lord.

One rock formation had guys practicing rock climbing up the front face. On the back side, the kids were practicing their rock climbing skills.
Nathan and Andrew were leading the way down the paths. We'd make them stop every so often and wait for us. Here they are waiting (impatiently) and telling us to hurry up.
We were trying to decide if we'd keep going to look at other formations or head back to the cars. Andrew & Nathan found the map and Poppa was helping them read what it said. What it told me was if I kept walking, I might not have enough energy to get back to the car. I voted to turn around there and head back. Thankfully, hungry children agreed that it was time to search out lunch.
Before heading back, we stopped to get a few family photos. Rebekah ran off when we tried to get one with Poppa & Grandma and the grandkids. So, I guess 2 out of 3 isn't all bad.

Here are some fun shots I got of the kids during our hike. I'm still now sure how/when Poppa got nominated to carry Rebekah (we left the stroller in the car so she could run free). I know she gets heavy, but I didn't really hear complaining from Poppa. What a great sport---and she really was happy to be up there---she just didn't want me taking her photo so she kept putting her hands in front of her face. Turkey girl!

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