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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Picnics & Painted Toes

It looked like last week would be beautiful, but was it ever hot!! It was July kind of hot in April. However, when it turned back to cold as March this weekend, I think I liked July in April better.

During our heat wave, Rebekah started taking lunch on the deck. She would picnic every day on the deck and run around before her nap. She's been wanting to have her toes painted (just like Mommy) and the other day we had no obligations and time on our side. We had an early picnic lunch together on the deck, then did a pedicure...or as much of a 'pedicure' as you give a two year old. I've labeled the photos below since Rebekah got a hold of my camera and started taking her own photos. I hope you enjoy BOTH of our event photos.

It was Rebekah's first painted toenails. I, of course, captured the event on film. Before the pedi...taken by Mom:

Before the pedi...taken by Rebekah:

During the by Rebekah:

Post by Mom:
(That last photo shows why we have no furniture on our deck at this point in time. Rebekah likes to scale the railing in order to see better.)

Rebekah wrapped up our outdoor time by taking pictures of dirt. Yes, it's the dead plants from last year in my planter. Yes, I let her take these. No, I have no idea why it was so important to her or what would make her think of this as a 'photo moment'.

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