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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Say WHAT?!?

Kid's say the darnedest things!
At a restaurant this week, I asked Rebekah what she wanted to drink.
Mom: Do you want milk or lemonade?
Rebekah: No Wilk!!
M: No Wilk? (Wilk is Rebekah-speak for Milk)
R: No Wilk.
M: What do you want to drink?
R: May I have Leno-aid please?
Mommy gives a big chuckle while confirming to our server that she'll have the lemonade. The rest of the night she talked about her Leno-aid. I kept thinking Jay's writers needed some help. (Get it?)
When I asked the next day what she had to drink the night before, she figured out she must be mispronouncing it. So she changed the name of her drink. She actually had Leno-Wade. Ahhh! So that's the correct pronunciation! Hmmm, to think I've been wrong all these years.
Do you know what I find to be the most insanely funny thing about this whole Leno-Wade story? While I was pregnant, her brother (Nathan) insisted his baby sister's name was going to be Lemonade.
Sort of ironic, isn't it?

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