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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Dresses & Budding Photographer

I wanted so much to get a picture of Rebekah & I in our coordinating Easter Dresses (purple and purple--don't you know?). However, a tired Rebekah wanted nothing to do with photos.

So here we are in our dresses. Andrew snapped one and then Sean got another one snuck in with a smile. Like the purple taffeta dress with white dots? If only you could see the white flower at the waist. Trust me--she was adorable...take my word for it...ok, I'm going to try again soon.

Mommy had a new Easter dress, too. It's purple with purple lace and taffeta materials overlapping on the skirt.

To get the smiling face, we promised she could take ONE photo with Mommy's special camera (aka: Don't Touch That!)
The photo:
I never realized I married the Headless Husband. Sean wonders if he needs to shave!?
One photo is never enough when you are playing with an off limits item. So she had to take a photo of the spindles in the staircase...
She wanted to try again to get a photo of Mommy & Daddy. Sean is a smart cookie and knows his head is about to hit the chopping block...thinking he'll outwit the photographer, he leans over so our heads are together. Well, this time, the camera kept tilting farther and farther down until we had...
For our final photographic "Piece De Resistance", we have...
The Bannister Knob
She could win unique perspective awards. Two year olds--who knows what makes them tick?!?

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