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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tips on Tuesday: My new 2E Blog

What is 2E (Twice Excpetional)??

Let's look at these definitions:
Gifted is defined as High Abstract Reasoning
Learning Disability... There's many ways to define a learning disability--IQ/Achievement Discrepancy (Autism falls here), Speech & Language, Mental Health Disorders, Behavioral & Developmental Disabilities, Other Health Impairments (ADD falls here)

In a nutshell, a 2E child (or adult) is one who is gifted and has a learning disability.

I am the proud parent of one confirmed 2E child, one suspected (albeit a high functioning) 2E child and one who is young and bright and very 2 (the age). On our journey learning about what this means and how it applies to us, I found very little support that was written in 'mom' language. There's lots of technical information out there...if you know where to search for it, but some days I wanted somebody to just understand and tell me it's ok to cry over my child and his problems. I often felt like a drowning person clinging to a life buoy of hope. I felt alone and lost and didn't know anybody else going through my struggles.

God has laid it upon my heart to start a separate site and try to provide information, support and a community for 2E parents everywhere. Check out when you have a minute.

Most importantly to me, if you know of a parent or child struggling with 2E issues, please send them my way. I'm convinced we 2E parents have to stick together. There really is comfort in knowing that at least one other person truly 'gets' what you're saying from having lived it, too.

1 comment:

MommyRU said...

It's fantastic that you are doing this...I agree that people sharing similar experiences should support each other..especially in parenthood! God bless you and your beautiful family!

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