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Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Burger Play" fun with a Friend

I've been going through pictures and found these from St. Patrick's Day. Our neighbor has a girl who is just a couple months older than Rebekah. That day, her daycare was closing early and she needed somebody to watch her for an hour. Since these neighbors are always doing such nice things for us, I knew it was a no-brainer to lend a hand.

Originally we were going to play here for the hour, but Daddy was working from home and had an emergency 'BIG Call'. My concern was that if any ruckus occurred, it would sound very unprofessional to his superiors. So I decided to take them to Burger King (a.k.a. Burger Play if you are a Rebekah) for lunch and playtime. After they had their nuggets and fries, we trooped into the play area where there were only a couple other little kids. What a great time everyone had. Nobody was bigger so there wasn't the pushing that sometimes occurs. They were all nice and helpful to each other.

I think I got some good shots of Rebekah and her friend. Aren't they adorable? The best part of this was how they never once fought. Since there were no toys belonging to them, nothing to fight over. It's all community property.

Here's Rebekah running ahead looking for and calling for her friend. When she realized her friend was up in the tubes, off she went like a rocket so they could slide together.

What fun!

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