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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Park Picnic

It's been such wonderful weather here and we've been trying to take full advantage. (Good thing, this week isn't turning out as warm, as dry or as nice as what we had last week.)

The other day was busy, busy, busy for me running to appointments and trying to fill out insurance paperwork (and fight them for payments). We had nothing on the calendar for the whole evening. Blessed open blank spot in the planner of our lives. So instead of cooking, I made a picnic for us and we took the kids to the park to play and eat. Sean & I had a nice picnic and ate our food. I think the boys managed to eat a small portion of their sandwiches while they put their shoes on to leave.

Rebekah didn't bother eating. She kept looking at me with the expression that said, "Mother, don't you get it?!?! There's a whole playground here and you think I should EAT?!? You're either crazy or smoking something illegal. I can eat at home." I'm telling you, her looks are something to behold!

Andrew got his friend from school (and our neighbor) to bury him in sand. Then we had fun with just his arm/hand. Call him Thing (The Addams Family for those of you who are too young to get my joke.)

Nathan enjoyed the slide, the swings, the sand, the friends we knew at the park. He generally enjoys life to the fullest. Here he is holding the pinecone he found that looks a little like Santa Claus.

Rebekah...well, what can you say about that spitfire?? When she's not standing at the swings yelling, "Daddy, lift Bekah, push Bekah...Bekah swing?" we can find her on the slides. Or going up the rock wall or the really difficult climbers meant for much older children. It made Sean nervous, but she's determined and has mastered all of these things so I let her go. We did have to watch her as she deemed every sand toy in the park as her personal property. She kept trying to take shovels out of kids' hands. I've been digging in boxes looking for the long lost sand toys the rest of this week. We'll take our own next time so it will be less of a struggle.

What a great time we had!

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